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A step-by-step guide to memorizing Quran

The aim of this project is to help fellow muslims easily memorize the holy Quran. Many people nowadays have one or more of the following devices:

* Desktop Computer
* Laptop Computer
* Tablet PC
* MP3 Player
* DVD Player
* VCD Player
* iPod
* Car MP3 player
* Mobile phone that supports audio files
* Other devices that support audio files

We simply thought of splitting the whole Quran recitation with the voice of our favorite reciter into small segments of around 1-1.5 minute each. This way we can repeatedly listen to 1 segment or more a day for 10-20 times, and that will definately help us remember it better. That's right, 10-20 minutes a day can make you memorize the whole Quran.

If you are in doubt about this concept, just think of people who listen to songs. Don't they memorize the lyrics by heart very soon after they buy the latest album? How come they were able to do that? Repetitiveness is the key! When we listen to the Quran segments repeatedly, our brain absorbs the piece of audio everytime and re-enforces it in your memory. The long-term result of that is the holy Quran saved in your brain's internal memory. Even if you happen to forget some of the segments you memorized, they will be easily retrievable through revising, since your brain has already absorbed them so many times.

You can stick to 1 segment/day or 5-6 minutes/week, or you can do more if you like. It is also very important to revise all the segments you have listened to through the week, by listening to all the segments played in their correct order. That way you will help your brain identify the sequence of the Ayahs which is very important when you want to recite a long part of the Quran for example. You can reserve 15 minutes after Jumuah prayer every Friday to listen to all the segments.

Everyone has his own capability and will, but we all share the same goal; Memorizing the holy Quran by heart to achieve the highest levels of Paradise, Ensha'Allah! You can also come back here and share your experience with fellow brothers and sisters following the same method of memorizing. Eventually, the community will become more experienced and aware of the best practices to memorize the holy Quran efficiently and properly.

The full Quran is about 1500 segments, which means memorizing 1 segment a day results in memorizing the whole Quran in 5 years! If you want you can do 2 segments a day and cut the 5 years into 2 years and a half. Quality is more important than quantity in our concept. You will also get a chance to proceed much faster during the month of Ramadan, enabling you to decrease the total time you spend memorizing the holy Quran.

The method is very flexible to suit your own needs. You can tailor-make it to fit your time, will and capability. However, please make sure you stick to your schedule. 1 single day of laziness will drag you to many similar days in the future. No matter how little you memorize, the most important thing is not to break your routine unless it is extremely necessary. This way your brain will always be refreshed with the beautiful Ayahs of Quran, and your heart will always be full of their wisdom Ensha'Allah helping you win the everlasting battle with desires and Shaitan.

If you don't feel convinced yet to start memorizing Quran with us, just think of the final result. Think of yourself recieving your Graduation certificate from academy, with the book of Allah SWT in your heart. Think of the day when you will be asked to rise 1 level in Jannah for each Ayah of the Quran that you memorize. May Allah SWT help you and all fellow muslims achieve your goals in life, and carry in your heart, the best book ever, the holy book of Quran!

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