Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Learn 80 percent vocabulary of the Qur'an

The main focus of the site http://www.80percentwords.com is to help you learn and understand the Arabic of the Holy Quran. The following video describes how to study using the site.

Please visit http://www.80percentwords.com for an interactive experience.

This blog is based on the 80% Qur’anic wordlist found in the following site:
Please send all your comments and suggestions to: 80percentwords@gmail.com

Unit 1
Learn 80 percent vocabulary of the Qur'an

Download MP3 of examples with translations for the following wordlist

فَعَلَfa'alahe did
فَتَحَfatahahe revealed
بَعَثَba'athahe sent
جَعَلَja'alahe made
جَمَعَjama'ahe collected
ذَهَبَdhahabahe went
رَفَعَrafa'ahe raised
صَلَحَsalahahe acted righteously
لَعَنَla'anahe cursed
نَفَعَnafa'ahe benefited
نَصَرَnasarahe helped
بَلَغَbalaghahe reached

Please visit http://www.80percentwords.com to practice these words.



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