Thursday, May 7, 2009


User Profiles - anyone in your household can have their own profile for memorization
Drag and Drop ayas into you "heart" - a graphical way to view your memorization progress
Drag and Drop whole suras you know already to get started.
High Quality Uthmani Arabic Script
English translation by Muhsin Khan (can be turned off)
Transliteration to help pronounce
High quality aya-by-aya recitation by Abdullah Basfar (who recites slowly with proper tajweed)
Ability to choose different recitors (when recitor packs are released)
(German, French, Malay, Indonesian, Spanish) translations (when using language packs)
Loop Ayas - loop as many times as you want for memorization
Loop Suras - loop whole sura
Stack Mode - memorize ayas in the following manner: 1 | 1,2 | 1,2,3 | 1,2,3,4 | ...
Single Aya Mode - if an Aya is too long, then select points in the audio to repeatedly loop
Select a Aya range in the Sura
Displays your Juz30 memorization progress
Displays sura playback progress
Pause Mode - add your own pauses (in seconds) in between ayas so you can repeat the aya yourself after hearing it
and much more ...


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