Friday, March 12, 2010

Learn Quran Online

Learn Quran Online is an easy way to learn to Read Quran online with Quran recitation online, Quran memorization and basis quida learning for kids and adults. The Learning quran online was founded to spread the knowledge of Islam and Online quran teaching to spread the word of GOD. Our online quran tutors teach in Arabic, english and urdu along with teaching Koran online with Tafseer and tajweed. Not like other learning online quran teaching institutions our online tutors concentrate on each student, now learning quran online is starting the new online koran teachings courses from very beginning level to advance level online learn Quran (Koran) courses like learn Quran (Koran) Tafseer, online Quranic (koran) Translations in English, Arabic Quran online and Urdu quran online) Hadith along with Learning Quran Recitation, learning Quran (Koran) in appropriate way Now if you want to learn quran online and recitation then join us today.
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Learn quran online is an excellent program that helps Adults, Kids, New Muslims, teaching quran at home 24/7 at any time they want learn quran the easy way for kids. We have students in Canada, United states, United kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Germany, Ireland and all over the world. Now you can try 3 free online quran classes for your satisfaction and decide to join us today.
Do Holy Quran Memorization Online while staying at your home:

Doing holy Quran memorization online through us is the easiest way for your children and you to learn Quran the message of Allah Almighty and to learn Quran recitation online what you just need is (1) PC (2) Headset (3) microphone with broad-band net connection to learn quran online. Alhamdu Lillaha we are teaching The Holy Quran (Koran) online as 1 to 1 classes using the latest media and software technologies for learning quran online along with the latest online Quran teaching techniques from our tutor. Shukar Alhamdu Lillaha thousands of Muslims and newly converted Muslims are benefiting from learning Quran online and have learn to read Quran (koran) and had learn (koran) with Tafseer and also with Tajweed. It's the perfect way to learn about The Quran online and Religion with the basic Islamic teachings in the shining light of Al koran along with Sunnah and hadith. Now Muslims of any age group and any country can read to learn Quran (Koran) through learn Quran (koran) online.
The Quran Tutor online at our place:

With our most experienced quran tutor online which are hafaz and Qaries we deliver special online lessons through our Quran tutor online and all the lectures in different languages as the selection is done by parents or the students directly to learn (Koran). The Online learn Quran tutoring staff at Learn Quran online is competent in various online Quran (Koran) and religious tutoring matters along with the tutor techniques of Teaching to learn Quran online. In learning koran Online you can learn koran with Tajweed and online learn Quran recitation lessons and with Arabic, Urdu and English teaching staff Qaries. Our quran Tutor online deliver what we promised, so join learning quran online.
What is koran Online teaching system like?

learn Quran online we teach to let you learn to Read Quran online from our highly skilled Quran tutor staff. Now there is no need for sending your kids out-side when the kids can learn Quran online in front of there parents. The students and the teacher communicate by using one of the high quality and latest screen sharing software programs at Koran online, along the learning Quran online teaching methods with live 1 on 1 voice communication with the tutors. It is easy to use these programs and get started with online Quran lessons with our male and female tutor.
learning Quran Online Objectives

Lean Quran Online aim is to facilitate each and every student to learn online from skilled tutor online. Learning Quran Online is the platform for Muslim Ummah to reach the ultimate destiny and learn the word of Allah and learn holy quran true meaning. We all should try to learn Koran and the teachings of the holy Quran (koran) and with the learning Quran online we as Muslim have to do as much as we could to bring up the true image of Islam in the world It’s the best way of guidance and to learn Quran online is must, to do recitation of koran and learn Tajweed online and recitation

How to get started

You Need:
GoToMeeting or Mikogosoftware will be installed for screen sharing from us from which You can see your lessons from our computer on your computer screen during classes.
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Fahim kamtan mirza said...

mashallah its a great resource brother and love the way that your explained it as well thank you for the information

ali said...

Quran is a true book and a perfect guide for every Muslim and non-Muslim. Quran has so many surahs. At the end of Quran there is mentioning the 99 names of ALLAH and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Each name has its own meaning and blessings.

jamil said...

The Quran learning has different aspects. Each one is very important, however probably one of the most important aspect of the Quran learning is the mediation on the Quran. Allah Almighty has instructed us to mediate on the Quran.

quranteaching1989 said...

I truly appreciate your work. You have made it so nice. May Allah accept your struggle in His way.
Learn Quran

learning quran online said...

awsesome.Mashallah its a great resource brother and love the way that your explained it as well thank you for the information

Holy quran said...

Masha Allah,, Great work

Dr Mohammad Atif Khan said...

Can somebody teach my 9 yr old daughter quran with tajweez

JOJO king said...

We also teach Quran Translation and Quran Tafseer. online quran academy are available at hours that are convenient to you.
online quran teaching

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